Point your 'Lens at UG' and win a cash prize. Photo competition for the academic community


Do you have an idea on how to present UG as a space for inspiring research? Or have you found a place in the University that is ideal for artistic, sporting or teaching activities? If so, aim your "Lens on UG" and take part in a photo competition aimed at the academic community.

The "Lens on UG" competition is held in two categories:

  1. UGSpace - showcasing and promoting the qualities of the surroundings, buildings and objects on the University of Gdańsk campuses, seen as places for artistic, sporting and teaching activities and relaxation,
  2. UGScience - an inspiring presentation of research carried out at the University of Gdańsk, including a scientist's workplace where ideas and theories are developed.

In each category, the jury will identify three winning photographs, which will be awarded financial prizes. The prize pool in each category is PLN 4 000. The decision on the distribution of funds among the winners will be made by the competition committee.

The aim of the competition is to promote the University of Gdańsk as a space for student activity and a place for scientific research. The competition also aims to present to the university's academic community and the citizens of Pomerania the multifaceted life on the UG campuses - the scientific, artistic and sporting activities of staff, students and doctoral students.

Only members of the University of Gdańsk academic community, i.e. students, doctoral students, and employees, may take part in the competition. Only photographs taken independently are admitted to the competition (co-authorship is excluded).

Competition entries will be accepted from 5.06.2024 to 20.09.2024. The presentation of prizes and diplomas and the vernissage of competition works will take place in the UG Library on the day of the inauguration of the academic year 2024/2025.

The technical requirements as well as details of the competition and the application form are available in the regulations attached below the text.

We invite you to participate!

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Julia Bereszczyńska/Press Team