UG qualified for the National Academic Team


The University of Gdansk got on the list of universities qualified for the second edition of the "National Academic Representation" project for 2021. The project, thanks to the funding for the organisation of additional teaching activities for student-athletes, allows them to pursue their sporting careers and academic studies in parallel.

Nine students from the University of Gdansk, who combine science and sports careers, will receive funding for the organisation of additional educational activities. Their program is to be carried out in the form of individually organised studies throughout the calendar year according to the planned number of additional hours for each given student-athlete.

Information about the project

Conditions for participation

The program was open to the public and non-public universities with at least 200 full-time students who are students of Olympic training, medalists of the Olympic and European Games, Senior World and European Championships, Universities world championships and student-athletes with disabilities, including hearing-impaired people and student-athletes sport ranks - with international mastery (IM) and mastery (M).

Source: MNiSW

Translation: Alan Stocki

Press Office of University of Gdańsk