Dormitories for first-year students

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Dear First-Year Students,


In the Academic Year 2022/2023, the University of Gdańsk offers places to students in 7 student residence halls (information about the location, equipment of the student dormitories can be found on the UG website under "Undergraduate and postgraduate students /Social affairs/Student accommodation").


Only the electronic application system is valid for:

  1. allocation of place/room for the academic year
  2. campus accommodation replacement already allocated
  3. the right to appeal against a negative decision of the University Student Accommodation Committee.


Applications for the academic year 2022/2023

together with the relevant and necessary documents should be submitted

via the Student Portal - from 30th of July 2022.


 Deadlines for submitting applications and accommodation allocation in UG student dormitories.

I term: for first-year students I degree

  • Deadline for applications: 30.07-09.08.2022.
  • Deadline for processing applications until 17th of August 2022.

1st term : for first-year students II degree

  • Deadline for applications: 30.09-02.10.2022.
  • Deadline for processing applications until 7th of October 2022.


 Below is important information on how to apply


  1. Applications may be submitted by Polish students and foreigners with a residence card and Pole’s Card. The above mentioned persons submit their applications by completing the appropriate form and attaching the required attachments on the Student Portal under the Student Accommodation tab.
  2. The required attachments and the possibility of applying for a specific allocation are specified in the Rules for Accommodation Allocation in Student Residence Halls, prepared by the Student Accommodation Department, and the Regulations of the Resident, which can be found on the website under Student Accomodation.
  3. In addition to the policy, the Student Accommodation Department will include the current fee schedule approved by the Chancellor/Rector and information regarding the collection procedure.
  4. The decision of the University Accommodation Committee will be visible in the list: Your applications, next to the application submitted by the student/doctoral student by the status of the application: granted/rejected.
  5. If the application is rejected, the student has the opportunity to appeal against this decision (order) by
    1. clicking on the button Appeal, entering the text of the appeal, and adding possible attachments,
    2. resubmission of a new application with the attachments previously missing.
  6. A student, who did not receive accommodation allocation, may apply for a place in the next turn of applications - only electronically in the Student Portal under the Student Accomodation tab.
  7. Students have the possibility to resign from the allocation at any stage, both after submitting the application and after its successful consideration - in this case the allocated place returns to the pool.
  8. Foreign students starting their studies at UG (1st year of first degree) and those studying on the basis of an agreement (Erasmus, Harbin) are supported by the International Exchange Office, i.e. they are allocated places from a separate pool of ICO, not included in the system.
  9. Students, who have been allocated a place in a student dormitory by USAC, are entitled to move in 3 days before the start of the academic year.

    The place allocation is valid for 5 days.

    Persons who miss the deadline and fail to inform the administration of the reason for their late accommodation, will lose their allocation.
  10. Students check in in person at the administration or the reception of the assigned student dormitory. You must bring a photo identification with you (an identity card or passport for foreign students). When you arrive at the dormitory, you'll need to read and understand the rules and regulations that apply to you, as well as the fire safety instructions. Once you are familiar with it, you sign all the relevant documents. After signing the documents, a place in the room will be assigned. During the check-in process, foreign exchange students must present a deposit
    of one month's rent for the dormitory. Such payment should be made to the UG account, which is given by the International Cooperation Office. Students accommodated in student dormitories must register for temporary residence at the Town Hall within 30 days. You will receive an application for temporary residence when you check in. Fill it out (you'll find a sample of it on the notice board in each dormitory), sign it, and have it stamped by the administration, and only such an application may be accepted at the City Hall. Once you've received confirmation from the Office, you'll have to present it to the dormitory administration.


  1. UG students must pay for a standard place in a student dormitory to your individual account number at Bank PEKAO S.A.IV O/Gdańsk by the 15th of each month (your individual account number is available after logging in to the Student Portal), if necessary you can pay in cash at the reception of the student residence.

    Non-students must pay the fee for a normal place in a student residence at the reception of the student dormitory.
  2. Student rooms are equipped with: sofa(s), desk(s), wardrobe(s), chair(s), cupboard(s), pedestal(s) (depending on the dormitory the equipment may be different). There are fridges in the rooms or connecting rooms (a connecting room is a room that connects two rooms). Depending on the dormitory there may be kitchen annexe in the rooms. Bed linen: blanket, pillow, quilt. A blanket, a pillow and a duvet cover are provided by the student. Each room has an Internet socket.
  3. The kitchens are located on the first floor and are equipped with a sink, electric cooker (electric or induction hob) and oven, cupboards, table
    (furnishings may be diferrent depending on the dormitory). There are no small appliances in the kitchens. Each student provides their own.
    Rubbish separation is compulsory in kitchens.

  4. Each student is obliged to keep their room and common areas clean and tidy, and to take care of the proper use of entrusted equipment entrusted to them. The dormitory occupant is responsible for purchasing cleaning products necessary to maintain cleanliness in the room (details are given in the Rules and Regulations of the Student Dormitory Occupant, University of Gdańsk).
  5. Each dormitory has a laundry room equipped with washing machines. Laundry is done at the times specified by the dormitory. You will need to purchase a laundry token from the porter's lodge - 1 token/1 wash (see the price list for tokens).
  6. Dormitory occupant, whose contract has expired, must leave the student dormitory within 14 days or provide a new agreement to extend their residence. 

    At the latest on the day of departure from the student dormitory, the resident is obliged to settle accounts for the condition of the room occupied.

    You must make arrangements in advance with the administration of the student dormitory.

    When moving out, the resident is obliged to take all their belongings, and in the case of residents who are not UG students to settle the deposit.



Questions about the rooms in the UG Student Dormitories, their furnishings and location should be directed to the administration of the respective halls of residence:

Residence Hall No. 6

20 Podwale Przedmiejskie Street, Gdańsk Główny

Tel.: +48 58 523 62 29



Residence Hall No. 11

14 Chodkiewicza Street Gdańsk Brzeźno

Tel.: +48 58 523 38 83



Residence Hall No. 3

65 Polanki street Gdansk Oliwa

Tel.: +48 58 523 26 02



Residence Hall No. 4

66 Polanki Street, Gdańsk Oliwa

Tel.: +48 58 523 26 12



Residence Hall No. 5

64 Polanki Street, Gdańsk Oliwa

Tel.: +48 58 523 26 22



Residence Hall No. 10

4 Macierzy Szkolnej Street, Gdańsk Oliwa

Tel.: +48 58 523 26 72



Residence Hall No. 7

111 Armii Krajowej Street, Sopot

Tel.: +48 58 523 17 00



Questions about student accommodation

For questions about student accommodation, please email or call 58/523 24 25.



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