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Sea EU
The University of Gdańsk will host members of the Governing Board, the Executive Committee and the SEA-EU Technical Working Group - an alliance of six European and coastal universities from Gdansk,… czytaj więcej
The study sessions will take place weekly every Wednesday at 4:00-5:30pm from January to June in room NE 204 of the WETI B building (2nd floor). The session comprises a video teaching by a world-… read more
Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to invite you to read our International Office newsletter, presenting activities and actions in the field of international cooperation. In the newsletter we… read more
Ladies and Gentlemen, we’d like to remind you that due to pandemic threat, safety rules related to health protection were implemented at the University of Gdansk, form the beginning of the academic… read more
As the Scientific Circle of Historians at the University of Gdańsk: we would like to invite you to a meeting, during which we will discuss the differences and similarities regarding all aspects of… read more
Almost three weeks have passed since Professor Wu Lan left Poland. The freshly retired Chinese teacher is already in China waiting for the end of her 21-day quarantine. In this state of limbo -… read more
- 'Today's meeting is the opening of a dialogue with the South African government. I hope that at the end of my four-year term, your universities will be attended by students from our country,' -… read more
On December 6-10, at all faculties of the University of Gdańsk, there will be an act of registration of potential bone marrow donors. Get involved and help - in this way you can also save someone's… read more
- 'John Hevelius appears as an unusual character, outstanding against the background of the epoch, but also a man of flesh and blood, experiencing ups and downs, dilemmas and raptures,' - says dr hab… read more
The popularisation of chemistry is the main goal behind the initiative of open demonstrations of chemical experiments conducted by dr Tomasz Pluciński at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of… read more
Senators of the University of Gdańsk passed, during today's Senate meeting, a resolution which is an appeal on vaccination and safety of the University's academic community. A sharp rise in covid… read more

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Przeczytałam kiedyś, że ten, kto idzie za tłumem, nie dojdzie dalej niż wszyscy. Więc podążam własną ścieżką i na razie…

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Wywiad z prof. Grzegorzem Berendtem z Wydziału Historycznego UG na temat Wolnego Gdańska ukazał się na stronie National…


Ponad 900 grantów na badania z zakresu nauk humanistycznych, społecznych i o sztuce, ścisłych i technicznych oraz nauk o życiu…

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Wciąż nie ma konkretnych i potrzebnych decyzji, jak choćby te, by w niektórych zawodach szczepienia były obowiązkowe - mówi…