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The SEA-EU research cruise was a complete success! On the second of July at 11.30 am, the University of Gdańsk ship r/v Oceanograf arrived at the quay at the Fish Market in Gdańsk. It was welcomed on… czytaj więcej
Dr Aleksandra Maria Kocot from the Faculty of Biology of UG, dr Hanna Obracht-Prondzyńska and dr Marcin Połom from the Faculty of Social Sciences, as well as dr Illia Serdiuk from the Institute of… read more
Are you a PhD student conducting interdisciplinary research? Would you like to undertake a year’s internship in one of the best universities in northern Poland? This proposal is for you. The Mayor of… read more
Fifty-three speakers from seven scientific centres in Poland gave presentations at the Faculty of Chemistry of UG during the IV. edition of the nationwide 'ChemBiŚ' conference. The event aims to… read more
A meeting of the Senate of the University of Gdańsk, June 30, 2022, began with thanks and the awarding of diplomas to students particularly involved in charitable aid for Ukraine. The meeting was… read more
79 employees of the University of Gdańsk received state distinctions from the hands of the Deputy Governor of Pomerania and the Rector of the UG. Applications for the following state distinctions:… read more
Shaping skills in conceptualisation, assessment of a company's competitive capabilities, application of methods and tools to streamline, rationalise, restructure and optimise economic processes in a… read more
- 'The amount of water that circulates in nature is constant. On the other hand, the quality of water and the disposable resources are significantly decreasing. We need to be aware of this, and we… read more
We invite you to join the POLCA Summer School "POLlutions in Coastal Areas", taking place in September on the dates 5-12, 2022, organized by the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography of the… read more
What should the stops of the new PKM South line look like and what should be done to make the passenger railway as environmentally and resident-friendly as possible? The winners of a competition… read more
For the last twelve years we’ve been creating a space for creative encounters between scholars and artists in Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia in northern Poland. Theatre-makers, poets, writers, translators… read more


Międzynarodowa ekipa naukowców, na pokładzie katamaranu „Oceanograf” – flagowego statku UG, zbadała powietrze, wody…


"Na tym świecie jedynym sposobem na czołgi są czołgi". Rozmowa z prof. Stefanem Chwinem z Zakładu Historii Literatury Polskiej…


Wspólny projekt naukowców z wydziału chemicznego Politechniki Wrocławskiej oraz Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego i Gdańskiego…


Z niezwykłego, międzynarodowego rejsu naukowego powrócił katamaran UG. Statek badawczy Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego przepłynął…